Friday, October 29, 2010

Galaxie 500 - On Fire

Galaxie 500 were an indie rock band from Boston, MA. Their signature hazy, lethargic and psychedelic sound was to be a major influence on dozens of great bands in years to come. In 1989, they released their magnum opus, On Fire. 

Really, this is a record about nothing at all. Most albums are thematic, trying to fill in the voids and the mundane moments of human existence; whereas this album cherishes those moments. Dean Wareham's idiosyncratic voice and his nonchalant yet unique style with the guitar backed by what was probably one of the most understated rhythm sections of all time in Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang. The result is one hell of a nostalgic record washed with melancholic delay and reverb, and a sound that is far ahead of its time. Simply one of the most underrated albums of the 80's - every note and chord seems perfectly poised and every other flaw on 'On Fire' exists just to add to its character. Winter beckons, believe you me this will be a worthy companion for evenings when you don't really feel like doing anything at all.

Watching trees decompose

Monday, October 25, 2010

Françoise Hardy - La Question

Ladies and gents, the most gorgeous woman of all time, French chanteuse, ye-ye/style icon, Françoise Hardy. Her 1971 album La Question is definitely one of the most delicate and beautiful records I have ever heard. Listen for yourself.