Wednesday, June 22, 2011

АукцЫон - Птица

 Auktyon are very unique in the contemporary music scene in Russia: they just cannot be pigeonholed, this group draws its inspiration from such remote sources as folk, ska, reggae, new-jazz, ethnic music of North Africa and Middle East, beat- and pop-music of the 60’s. Their principal songwriter, Leonid Fedorov, is songwriter whose skills are unparalled as far as Eastern Europe is concerned (to my limited knowledge). 

Best thing out of Russia since vodka. I don't understand a word of what they're saying, but this is the stuff of legends. It's pretty much an incredible journey all the way through, from the opening seconds of "Птица"(one of the greatest openers in music history) to the PA PA PA RA - PA RA RA RA RA breakdown in "Спи, солдат"; not a wasted second on this album; the influences are diverse - ranging from local folk to central asian traditional and a bit of punk/post punk thrown in for good measure, the sound Auktyon have achieved on this works like a paradox; perfectly nostalgic and yet completely original both at once.


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